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the traffic control
Feb. 20th 2003 The Traffic Control Jimmy (Yonge Cigar)
When we drive, we can often see that the traffic control
signal’s power is gone or even if the power is on it doesn’t
change with blink. At that time, we are anxiety and don’t
know how to move each car because there are maybe
some risk to clash among the cars by mistake. In addition
to this, there is getting much traffic and this is too bad for
busy people who don’t have much time. One day,
I was frightened out of my wits at the traffic control signal
on the Dufferin and North Steeles.
The traffic control signal was just blinking so that many
cars had to repeat going and stop and it was taken so long
time to get across. When I tried to go ahead because that
was my turn, a car next to me came across at the same
time so that I had to stop immediately. At that time,
it sounded that a car clashed against my car. I immediately
check my car how much damaged. Fortunately there was
no damage. However the man who clashed against my car
was my customer who came often to my store. I thought I’d
to control the traffic and then I wanted to try it,
but I was not brave so that I couldn’t do anything at that
the moment.
I was used to regret why I couldn’t control the traffic at that
time. Again I’d been met the broken traffic control signal on
the Bathurst and Clark. My hart started biting suddenly.
I thought I’d control the traffic but I was timid again.
I hesitated with shyness for a while. I thought, however,
“If I don’t do now, I’m going to regret a lot of things and
I never get such this chance again. So I have to do this.
” Finally the courage made me stop.
I stopped my car near by sidewalk and then I went to
center of the intersection. I sent stop signal to all four
directions with raising both my hand and then I again
sent signal to move toward south. From that time the
cars started to move easily.
I moved fast my hand because there were too much
traffic and I made cars move to north and south and
then I sent stop signal with raising both hands so that
cars could easily move to east and west. While they
past me, they said to me “Thank you and thank you!”
again and again. I don’t exactly how long I was there.
Maybe it had been over 20 minutes since I started
controlling the traffic. While any officers didn’t come
until that time, I was warring about my wife was
waiting for me. At that time, someone suggested
that she would call officer and I accepted that.
I continued controlling the traffic. I think it was
miracle that I did the control traffic very well without
any practices and experiences before.
I smiled with thinking I was better than any traffic
policeman. When it had maybe been 30 minutes, a
policeman came finally. However their first saying
made me regrettable. They said to me “This is so dangerous!”
instead of greeting.
It seemed they were asking why I did such thing. But
I didn’t care because many cars could save time and
safely moved. I was very proud and pleasured. After
that time,
I met again broken traffic control signal on the Alen
and Sheppard. Alen Road is a semi highway so that
there is always much traffic. In addition to this,
the traffic signal on the road was broken so that many
cars had to wait in row that was maybe over 2 km
. First I exited the road and then I parked my car at
a side street.
I went to the intersection on which the traffic control
signal was standing. As I did before,
I sent stop sign to four directions and then made cars
pass to north and south first. Although I made other
cars pass to east and west as soon as possible, it took
so long time because there were already many cars in row.
I moved my hand so fast for the car’s moving quickly that
I was very tired. But I couldn’t quit it. I made many cars
pass safely for 30 minutes.
I could feel so good and worthwhile in proportion to
many cars. From now, I’m sure that I can control traffic
without hesitation whenever and wherever.
When I think those days, I’m getting buoyant.
#5-250 Shields Court, Toronto, ON, Canada
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